Equine Medical veterinarians strive to provide quality and efficient equine veterinary care to all clients, large or small, in a professional and economical manner. We have developed professional liaisons with all of the local referral hospitals to ensure the best care for your horse when hospital care is required. We are dedicated to solving complex problems through persistence and consultations with experts around the world.


James P. Morehead, DVM

Founding partner of Equine Medical Associates, PSC.  Dr. Morehead graduated in 1983…More

Eric S. Peterson, DVM

Dr. Peterson is a partner at Equine Medical Associates, PSC, and graduated from…More

Jeremy L. Whitman, DVM

Dr. Whitman is a partner at Equine Medical Associates, PSC and graduated from the University…More



Michael A. Prichard, DVM, dip. ACVS

Dr. Prichard graduated from Purdue University in 1985…More

Jeffrey T. Berk, VMD

Dr. Berk graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1981. He joined EMA in 2010…More

Peggy S. Marsh, DVM, dip. ACVIM, dip. ACVECC

Dr. Marsh graduated from the UC Davis in 1992 and became…More


Casille Batten, DVM

Dr. Batten graduated from UC Davis in 2011. She joined EMA in 2014…More

Tim A. Strathman, DVM

Dr. Strathman graduated from the University of Illinois in 1984. He joined EMA in 2014…More

Jennifer C. Pond, DVM

Dr. Pond graduated from St. George’s University in 2014. She joined EMA in 2015 …More


Travis M. Holland, DVM

Dr. Holland graduated from LSU in 2015. He joined EMA in 2015…More

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