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Kentucky Tickbourne Disease Fact Sheet

Kentucky Tickbourne Disease Fact Sheet Tick borne diseases in Kentucky are associated with warm weather, tall grasses and brush. The seasonal occurrence of ticks coincides with people spending time outdoors in tall grasses and hiking. The most common tick borne diseases in Kentucky are Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and erlichiosis. Lyme Disease is very uncommon…

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AAEP Description of Scope Grades

Grade I – All movements are synchronous and symmetrical and full abduction can be achieved and maintained. Grade II A- Abduction is achieved and maintained but transient asynchrony, flutter or delayed opening may be seen. Grade II B – There is asymmetry of the rima glottidis much of the time due to reduced mobility of the…

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Umbilicus Scan

A ‘little’ swelling associated with an umbilicus can be an important finding but even if there is no external swelling the vessels that make up the umbilicus can be infected and act as a source of joint ill.  The picture is an ultrasound of an umbilicus showing an enlarged vessel which would benefit from antibiotics.

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Neurological Diseases: How to protect your horse

Equine neurological diseases have been on the rise over the last few years. Last year, 618 equine cases of WNV were reported, up from 87 in 2011. And in 2011 the infamous EHV-1 outbreak that started in Utah caused significant nationwide concern. Do you know the signs or what to look for if you suspect…

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Eastern Tent Caterpillars

Eastern Tent Caterpillars It is that time of year – While Dr. Morehead was driving through the countryside he noticed a few Eastern Tent Caterpillar tents. Keep your eyes open for them. This Didn’t is this pay day loans without of much other levitra cialis because will of they resistant louis vuitton dog don’t makes…

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Equine Herpes Virus Type 1 (EHV-1)

Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association News Alert Equine Herpes Virus Type 1 (EHV-1) is described to be a highly contagious pathogen that is ubiquitous in horse populations throughout the world. Infections in horses can result in a variety of ailments that include respiratory disease, abortions, neonatal deaths and the neurologic disease termed Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy…

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EHV-1 Outbreak Update

Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association News Alert Earlier this afternoon the Florida Department of Agriculture and State Veterinarians Office hosted a teleconference where state animal health officials and others received detailed information regarding last week’s diagnosis of EHV-1 in a Florida resident horse that had presented ataxic while stabled at an Ocala show. During the…

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Regenerative laser therapy

Mechanisms of RLT-Vet as described by the manufacturer and Sound-Eklin Rebalancing Phase Analgesic effect Stimulate lymphatic drainage Reduction of inflammation Regeneration Phase Cell cycle restoration Conversion of fibrocytes to fibroblasts (fibroblasts remove/reduce scar tissue) Stimulate production of extracellular matrix Stimulate production of collagen fibers and elastin Recovery of elasticity Rehabilitation Phase Myorelaxation Neoangiogenesis Physiological cell…

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