In house laboratory services for our clients offering quick results and personalized service.

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  • Chemistry Panel (ALB, AST, BUN, CA, CK, CRE, GLU, GGT, GLOB, K+, NA+, TBIL, tCO2 and TP)
  • Electrolyte Panel (ALT, BUN, CL-, CRE, GLU, K+, NA+and tCO2)
  • SAA (Serum Amyloid A)
  • Progesterone Assay


  • CBC  with Fibrinogen/Differential
  • IgG
  • Urinalysis
  • Fluid Analysis


  • Cultures (Aerobic & Anaerobic) + Sensitivities
  • Uterine Cytology
  • Gram Stain


      Fecal Testing

  • Fecal Egg Counts
  • Rotavirus
  • C. diff antigen/toxin

      Regenerative Medicine Processing

  • IRAP
  • PRP

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